Depuis le 26 septembre 2016, le bureau ARJM Architecture sprl a changé de dénomination et devient MULTIPLE Architecture-Urbanism sprl.

Le siège social, le numéro de Registre des Personnes Morales de Bruxelles et le numéro de TVA restent inchangés.

- Le siège social est situé au 3 Avenue des Gaulois, à 1040 Bruxelles.
- Le numéro de Registre des Personnes Morales de Bruxelles est toujours le : 0895 037 113.
- Le numéro de TVA est toujours le : BE 0895037113

Abdelmajid Boulaioun, architect
Partner Founder of MULTIPLE (formerly ARJM)

After earning his Masters degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Saint-Luc Architecture in Brussels in 1996, Abdelmajid Boulaioun joined SUM, office for Architecture and Urbanism, where he contributed to several large projects, including the development of the masterplan of Eilandje in Antwerp.

In 1998 he founded ARJM Achitecture.
Focusing on the realisation of public buildings and facilities. Notable projects include the library of Boechout in Antwerp, a school in Ostend, a school in Managua (Nicaragua), the Herstal train station, the masterplan for the square in the center of Merelbeke and the masterplan of the new harbour of Nieuwpoort.
In 2016, ARJM Architecture changes its name to MULTIPLE Architecture & Urbanism.

In addition to his practise, Abdelmajid Boulaioun has been teaching architecture in the Masters programme at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) since 2005.

Awards and Nominations :
2017 : Laureate of Prix Baron Horta from the "Académie Royale de Belgique" (period 2012-2017)
2017 : Biannual "Big Mat Award" for the rail station of Herstal
2015 : “Grand prix d’Architecture de Wallonie 2015” for the rail station of Herstal
2008 : Architecture Prize of West Flanders for the KA1 school in Ostend
2007 : Nominee for the Architecture Awards 2007 for the KA1 school in Ostend
2005 : Ernest Acker Prize from the Royal Academy of Belgium
2002 : Charles Duyver Triannual Architecture Prize for the Library in Boechout
2001 : Nominee for the Architecture Awards of 2000 for the Library of Boechout
1997 : Van Hove Prize for the project Biestebroekkaai in Brussels

Livia de Bethune, architect, urban planner
Partner at MULTIPLE (formerly ARJM)

After graduating as an architect at Sint-Lucas (KU Leuven), Gent, Livia de Bethune studied conservation and restoration at the R. Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, KU Leuven. She did a post-graduate (1993-1994) in urbanism and urban design at the UPC, in Barcelona, under supervision of her mentor, Manuel de Sola-Morales.

Livia DE BETHUNE, architect, urban-planner, MSc in conservation, has a practice in architecture and urban design, MULTIPLE architecture & urbanism in Brussels and is lecturer at the faculty of architecture, Sint Lucas, KU Leuven, since 1994.
She developed an expertise on architecture with a special focus on urban design and infrastructure during her architectural career at SumProject and MULTIPLE.

She was responsible for several urban design projects at SumProject; for instance two new tramlines in Brussels, the central boulevards of Brussels, the surroundings of the Leie and College bridge in Kortrijk, the design of the surroundings of Chaude Rivière at Euralille, the masterplan for the yacht harbor of Nieuwpoort, the multi-modal pole of Saint-Omer in France,…
At MULTIPLE, she coordinates projects such as the Park Browning at Herstal, an art and care park in the north of Antwerp, the neighborhood of Nekkernova in Mechelen, the requalification of the banks of the Somme in Amiens.
She also worked and gave urban consult, for SumProject and for MULTIPLE, for the sustainable development of several towns in Belgium and France; Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, Oudenaarde, Amiens, Etaples, ...

Professional Career:
Since 2016 : Partner of MULTIPLE, architecture & urbanism, Brussels
Since 1994 : Lecturer at the KU Leuven, faculty of architecture, master of urbanism and architecture
2009 - 2015 : Partner of SumProject, Brussels
2003 - 2015 : Responsible for the urban design and public space projects at SumProject
2005 - 2010 : Lecturer at ISURU, Institut supérieur d'urbanisme et de rénovation urbaine, Brussels
1994 - 2015 : Architecture & urban design projects at SumProject, Brussels
1993: Urban development projects at studio Manuel Sola-Morales, Barcelona

Collaborating Architects

- Kathy Vanhulle, architect
Graduated at Sint-Lucas (KU Leuven), Gent

- Pedro de Gois Nogueira, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Tournai

- Philippe Boris, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Bruxelles

- Roxane Van Ginneken, designer, landscape architect
Graduated at ENSAPLV, Paris (FR), and INSA Val de Loire, Blois (FR)

- Maxime Beel, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Tournai

- Jessica Lelandais, architect
Graduated at ENSAV, Versailles (FR)

- Justine Lecomte, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Tournai

- Vianney Soulard, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Bruxelles

- Pierre Verraes, landscape architect & urbanist
Graduated at Hogeschool Gent and at KULeuven, Gent

- Henri Vantorre, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Bruxelles

- Gaspar Lambe, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Bruxelles

- Manuela De Patoul, office manager

- Noé Teboul, architect
Graduated at ENSAV, Versailles (FR)

- Manon Flores, architect
Graduated at UCL, Faculty LOCI, Bruxelles

- Marc Rouserez, architect
Graduated at I.S.A. Victor Horta, Bruxelles

Past collaborators

Sarah Piteau, Manon Vanel, Valentin Garcia, Ewout Vanvooren, Valentine Eloy, Tony Jandolo, Morgane Gloux, Jean-Philippe Jasienski, Tomas Luyten, Géraldine Durieux, Basile Illan, Gitte Schreurs, Julien Sarale, Nicolas Hanssens, Virgile Molinaro, Laura Mutin, Stéphane Massicot, Julien Pautret, Anna Siwik, Petra Pferdmenges, Vincent Le Bour

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